By Deng Madit Aleer

BOR, 15th FABRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI]–Wildlife rangers confiscated a bush meat being sold in Block “2” on Wednesday morning arresting a woman which they believe was the seller. The Director for Wildlife in Jonglei State Maj. Gen. Zechariah Atem Manyok says the poachers find it difficult to come and sell bush meat so they resorted to smuggle in at night hours.  Maj Gen. Atem says they are intensifying rules and anyone found killing wildlife animal be punish according to the constitution.

“The criminals have resorted to smuggling in bush meat to the houses and the team entered the house this morning and capture bush meat and the woman and the criminal disappeared with the weapon.  As a result of that, Wildlife Force in Jonglei and State is intensifying the rules, whoever attempt to kill [found with bush meat] outside or at the entrance of Bor Town is completely prohibited and will be punish” Maj. Gen. Atem stressed

He also added that animals are much important compare to the oil which he believes is finishing.

The culprit identified as Ayen Machok says the bush meat was brought to her from Makol-chuei village by her relative. She added that it is the second time she sold the meat and they sell it at 2000 SSP.

The Wildlife administration opened a case on Wednesday against her for illegal killing and selling bush meat.