Deputy Governor Antipas Nyok and US Councilor for Political and Economical affairs William Echols

BOR – Top government officials from Jonglei state had addressed the improvement of state status with US diplomat in Jonglei coordination office.
Deputy Governor Antipas Nyok Kucha said fruitful meeting have been conducted with the United States Counselor for Political and Economic Affairs to South Sudan on how to improves the status of Jonglei state.
Nyok said their priorities includes prevention of floodings in the state, peace and stability and community resettlement.
Nyok promised for changes as state government work towards achieving set goals during the time of revitalized peace agreement. He is saying, “every developmental partners will work with us,” Antipas Nyok said.
Nyok said that they have discussed more with US Councillor for Political and Economic Affairs.
“We discussed numerous challenges facing Jonglei state, such as the issue of floods and progress made in mitigation of the floods,” Nyok Kucha wrote on his Facebook page.
He said some aspirations of the people of Jonglei state have been brought forward.
“Our top goals are to kick out floods, bring peace to Jonglei state and live peacefully with neighbors, making sure our people go back and settle in their indigenous settlements and only peace will allow this,” He said.
US Councillor for Political and Economical Aftairs, William Echols of the US Department of States mission was to access the impact and progress of the revitalized peace agreement.
William Echols said US will support peace dialogue between Jonglei and greater Pibor Administrative Area.
William also appeal to state government to provide free access to humanitarian services in the state.
And the Deputy Governor said nothing is impossible as long as one works towards achievement.
Jonglei had been severely devastated by floods of 2020 with hundred of thousands of families displaced from Twic East, Duk, Ayod, Fangak and in Bor County.
The government has constructed a high road along river Nile to prevent further flooding in Bor town. Dyke counstruction are underways in Twic East and Duk counties.
And according to South Sudan President, 180 kilometers dyke will be constructed in Jonglei. The dyke will start from Malualagorbaar in Bor County and end in Poktap in Duk county.