The road works sponsored by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), implemented by Peace Keeping contingency of South Korea Horizontal Military Engineering Company (ROK-HMEC) to improved road transports in town.

Bor Mayor, Martin Mach Majier said construction works begun in Pakwau subverb and would go through to Bor civil hospital in town center.

Mach said that the road under upgrading is an avenue from town centre to Bor airport and through to UNMISS primacy where emergency hospital located.

“We are doing is roads improvement from Pakuau to the hospital round about”. Mach said this during launching of road upgrading on Wensday in Bor.

Mach put his blamed on twon flooding as a major issue that did not allowed them to maintained their roads within the town.

”We all know Bor is flooding and during the rainy season we have this issues of stagnant water which is the main reason why our roads cannot be kept in good conditions, so every year we have to plan on how to improve the roads,” Mach Majier said this on Wensday.

He urges road users to respect construction team and traffic police by following directives accordingly.

He also said heavy road machinery are dangerous and are deserving especial attentions from motories and pedestrians.

Jonglei website was unable to connect with engineers at the construction site for comments.