The heart-breaking and tragic death of the right Hon speaker of Jonglei state legislative assembly Charles Manyang Awoul occurred on 9th November in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Manyang died last in Nairobi, Kenyan. age 77. He was appointed as speaker of Jonglei legislative assembly following the creation of new states in the republic of South Sudan by President Kiir in late 2015.

Jonglei state governor Maker Thiong Maal, who met Manyang in primary three (3) in 1955 said that the tragic death of speaker Manyang has become a great lost to the people of Jonglei state and to state government.

Governor Thiong also said speaker’s dieth is a great lost to the entire nation of the republic of south Sudan.

Thiong siad that the children of late Speaker Manyang will not be abandons.

“Since God has taken Manyang and left his young kids, with us, they will not suffer and they will not be in miserable life because they were born by a respected parents in a respected manner and may the Almighty God protect them wherever they go,” Governor Thiong said.

he said, ” i encouraging you my brother’s wife and the sister to be strong enough and take good care of the children.”

MP. Kuol Bol Ayom is the Chairperson of Specialize Committee of Information at the Jonglei state legislative assembly.

He said late Manyang was a well-educated and long term experience person, whom he said to have assumed so many positions in both two countries of Sudan and South Sudan.

He said that late Manyang was a diplomat who had political qualities. Bol said late Manayng would be remembered for his high integrity, honesty, humility, generosity, accountability and transparency.

The wife to the deceased Yom Manyang appreciates state government for standing with them I during Manyang death.

“Manyang told me that if he still had the strength to live more, than I would like to do something great for the people of Jonglei state because he regretted travelling to most countries in the world without doing anything for his state,” Yom said.