By Deng Madit Aleer







BOR 14TH JUNE, 2019 (JONGLEI)-The State Minister of Education, Gender and Social Welfare, Ayom Mach Jok has issued a ministerial order closing both Royal High and Primary schools. This came after students from boarding section strike leading to injuring of 2 students by the police and school vandalized.

Minister Ayom articulates that despite hearing from students, the government has formed a committee to investigate the incidence.

“I have formed a committee to investigate what went wrong, since the students are claiming that their concern was reported many times, we shall find out whether if that is true or not. The school is being closed for a time being” Minister said

Students and pupils from both Royal Junior and High School staged a protest on Wednesday morning leading to two students sustaining gunshot injuries from police who tried to control the situation.

Speaking to the media, a senior four student who speaks to us on condition of anonymity says the toilets are not functional, shortage of foods, inconsistence teaching are among some reasons which prompted them to stage a strike.

Another student who we can identify as Yar says school does not have light at night and this too prompted them to stage a strike.

“The cause of this strike is about feeding, we can’t stay in boarding school without feeding. The second thing was about latrine. We raised these concerns to the administration and nothing was done and yet our parents paid for these services” Yar explained.

On her part a member of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) says the school administration should instead call on parents then calling police

“As a parent I am not happy about the move taken by police, the school administration must to notify us first. Shooting of youngsters is very terrible action” parent narrated

Meanwhile the Chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network, David Garang condemned the action taken by police to shoot on striking students and call on the State Legislative Assembly to intervene.

“We are condemning that actions, because if the school administration has a problem with the students. They have to sit down and call upon the students’ leadership, PTA and the management to solve their differences amicably instead of calling upon the police.” Garang said.

Attempts to reach school administration for a comment were not successful.