By Michael Ghai Tong Aroffe






BOR, 18th JUNE, 2019 (JONGLEI)-Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) David Shirer who is the head of UNMISS and eight ambassadors’ delegation from Ethiopian’s Addis Ababa, have arrived in Jonglei State on Tuesday.

The head of UNMISS David Shirer described the purpose of their trip to Jonglei State.

“The purpose of the trip is to bring a delegation of ambassadors from Addis Ababa, these ambassadors are in the countries that are not represented here in South Sudan but are represented from Addis Ababa.”

David Shirer said that the Adidis Ababa dellegates will be in the country for three days.

“They will be here for three days and we have decided to come to Bor as a good place with peace initiatives that are taking place here. We have a good meeting with the government officials including the acting Governor” David added.

According to Shirer, he said the ambassadors arrived in the country yesterday and will spent other two days.

In his part, Jonglei State Acting Governor Agot Alier Leek appreciated the delegation for choosing Jonglei State.

“We are today honored actually in Jonglei State to be visit by a very high distinguish delegations headed by Mr. David Shirer. This visit is a strong message to us people of Jonglei State and South Sudan at large, this is actually a recognition that the revitalized peace agreement that is ongoing in South Sudan is becoming a real” Agot described

Agot explained that South Sudan is in peace, and he further said that the remaining is initiatives for development, and opportunity for service delivery to the citizen of South Sudan.

Finally the head of ambassadors’ delegation Daniel Hunn, the ambassador of Switzerland to Ethiopia, South Sudan, Djibouti and African Union said they are very happy to be in Jonglei State.

“We are very much interested about what’s happening in the Republic of South Sudan about peace initiatives and we found that it is very important to come to South Sudan and see how the situation is, and not only to come to Juba but also Jonglei State” Ambassador said.

Daniel has recognized the needs and priorities of Jonglei State in term of peace building initiatives and assured to forward the messages to their embassies and countries as well.

The discussion was attended by all the government officials including the executives and legislatures.