Bor, Jonglei state – The Examination for Secondary Educations has kick off in Jonglei state. Other states of South Sudan including Abyei administrative area are sitting for the same exams today.

The examination is a national examination recognized by the National Ministry General Education and Higher Learning in South Sudan.

The Minister of Information and communication in Jonglei state, Atong Kuol Manyang said state government is wishing senoir four candidates a good success during their exams.

Out of 1,252 students who set for national examination in Jonglei state, 220 are reported as female students.

Atong explained that the examination has 15 centres in Jonglei state under the supervision of Jonglei state Ministry of Education.

She said thirteen centres are in Bor, one in Panyagor and a centre in Juba city in Jubek state.

Speaking to Jonglei media this morning, Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang said that the examination begin on Monday and is expected to end in nine day’s times.

In Jonglei, other national languages have not been included in the calendar of 2019 national examination.

Atong said students are sitting for English only, “Arabic has not been included.”

She encauraged senior four candidates to remain calm and be confident during their exams period.

“The students have been preparing themselves for thier national exams since, and they have been doing tests so they are now confident in this exams,” Atong said.

She said number of students who missed exams will be determine on Tuesday or on Wensday.