Authorities from Jonglei state said seven people have been killed in Paliau cattle raiding.

On Sunday, bandit from Murle ethnic group from Boma state attacked cattle keepers who were heading their livestock for grazing in a cattle camp near Paliau village in Jonglei state.

Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang said seven people have been killed in the fighting.

Speaking in Dinka, Minister Atong Kuol said four herders and three bandits were confirmed dead.

“Four people were killed from side of Jonglei state and about three Murle people killed too. but other said two / three criminals killed,” Minister Atong Kuol said.

Atong said two wounded people have been hospitalizes in Bor civil hospital.

She said herd of cattle that were taken by suspected Murle after long hours of fights in Paliau were recoved.

In a related incident which occurred in Baidit village on Friday, she said 35 cattle have been recoved by local youth yesterday.

Despite the ongoing insecurity in Jonglei state earlier this month, Jonglei government is hoping for peace solutions between two states of Boma and Jonglei.

Atong Kuol said two state’s governments are working hard to restored peace among the local communities of Murle in Boma state and Bor community from Jonglei.

Atong accused cattle raiders as enemies of peace.

“Nothing change on the side of peace between Boma and Jonglei state but such criminals are enemies of states. We used to meet (she refer back to two states governments) to have peaceful solutions,

but she said trading activities between Boma and Jonglei states would restore peace.

Jonglei website was unable to reach authorities from Boma state for comment.

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