By Michael Ghai Tong Aroffe







BOR, 4th JUNE, 2019 [JONGLEI] –South Sudan and Sudan River transport as well as businesses between the two countries were closed down by Bashir’s regime after the conflict of 2012.

It has been awhile since the rumors were scattered about resumption of river transport as well as import of goods from Sudan.

Atong Kuol Manyang is the Minister of Information and communication in Jonglei State, she spoke to the press on Monday morning about the arrival of one ship in Bor Town.

“The ship arrived here in Bor on Sunday evening, and it contain foodstuffs but this particular ship belong to South Sudan People Defense Forces and SPLA IO. It was accompanied by join soldiers from SSPDF and SPLA.” Atong added

Minister reassures the public that two ships are between Renk and Malakal carrying goods such as food items and many more. She says it is just a few day for the goods to arrives

According to the minister the prices may be lower compare to the current prices in the market if those ships arrive.

Atong urges the business community in advance saying when these goods comes, the business community must be fair to the public, when they sales this goods. They sale it in a way that they get profit, but of course where it can be affordable to the normal citizen

Atong says peaceful passage of the ship is also a good sign that a river transport is now safe, and ships can easily move.

The ships is being accompanied by SSPDF and SPLA IO soldiers.