Traditional huts in the Sudd swamps of the White Nile near Bor, Bor county, Jonglei, South Sudan (6°21’54.68″N, 31°32’1.96″E)

President Salva Kiir has sent a team of government officials to the disputed fishing island of Cuet-Akuet to mediate between rival communities.

The team headed by Deng Dau Deng the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation includes the governor of Jonglei state and two ministers from Eastern Lakes state.

Several months ago, some reports, indicated that some armed youth have been forcefully collecting taxes from fishermen saying the area belongs to them, hence resulting in fighting.

A report confirmrd by state information minister in eastern lakes, Marial Awuol Tiel lead to fighting.

Awuok said businesses on the Nile River were halted, causing shortage of fish in Juba and other towns.

“There was no supply of fish to Juba and it has been experienced by so many people especially in those big restaurants where they have been depending on Cuet-Akuet,” Marial Awuok Tiel said.

On Dember 7th, Jonglei government order fishermen and local youth from Jonglei state leaves disputed area.

Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang said the matter which involved two neighbouring states into fighting have been left to national government.

The mediators were sent after a local church leader in Joglei State appealed to the national government to urgently intervene to prevent escalation of the conflict.

The island of Chuet-Akuet or Jorwai has been inherited by fishing community. Both Ajuong community from Jonglei state and Ador from Eastern Lakes state claim ownership.

On August 7th, 2019 the local communities and authorities of Eastern Lakes and Jonglei states concluded an inter-communal dialogue, convened with support from UNDP, to resolve conflict between two communities of Jonglei and Eastern Lakes states.