By Majok Guet Kuol






BOR, 1ST SEPTEMBER, 2019 [JONGLEI] – Jonglei State governor Maker Thiong Maal have sworn in Duk Padiet County commissioner, Peter Chol Galuak over the weekend.

The occasion was witnessed by the President of Jonglei State High Court John Yiel Aleu.

Maker Thiong Maal advise the new commissioner to work closely with his county residents.

“Go to the people, sit with them, talk to them, and let them tell you their priorities and work with them as their leader to supervise their ideas” Maker has said.

Peter promised to work with his colleague commissioners from greater Duk area and their immediate neighboring counties from Bieh and Fangak States to build a relationship that will promote peaceful coexistence among the communities at the borders.

He appreciated his community for the trust and confidence granted to him.

“I am privilege and thankful to Hol community for giving me this opportunity to lead them as their commissioner,” Chol narrated.

He further promised to work for the unity of Hol community in the.

Mr. Chol was appointed on August 29th through a gubernatorial decree NO. 9/2019 broadcasted on Radio Jonglei 95.9 FM at 7:00 PM.

Peter Chol was the chairman of Hol Community in Juba for the last decade