By Deng Madit Aleer




BOR, 7th MARCH, 2019 [JONGLEI] –More than 60 Chiefs who were suspended over the refusal to assent Social Service Tax in Kongor County are reinstated. In a press briefing held on Wednesday, Jonglei State Information Minister Atong Kuol disclosed this development came as a result of talks held in Panyagoor between Chiefs and the State delegation headed by Governor Philip Aguer.

“What came out of that meeting [were] two things, first the conflict was resolved between these two authorities, of course they had been stripped off their titles (that was like suspension) for the problem to be solved and after solving it, they were reinstated” said Hon. Atong

According to her, the Chiefs were not refusing to assent to the policy but expressed challenges such as insecurity and major displacement in the area and despite the shortcomings they agreed to implement it.

“It was not that they did not want but they have some of the challenges to do with insecurity and some of their population (members) where either here in Bor, some in Juba and some in refugee camps or IDPs in other areas but after talking to the government it was clear that they will be part of the collection” she explains.

Last month the State Ministry of Local Government suspended over 60 chiefs of Kongor County for not assenting to Social Service Tax.