By Michael Ghai Tong



BOR, 03 APRIL, 2019 [JONGLEI] – Good luck General Trading Company has donated some learning materials to two Primary schools in Bor town.

The Comapny donated two cartons of exercise books, two boxes of pens, ten boxes of chalks and two cartons of soaps to Bless Home Orphanage School and Good Shepherd Primary School.

Speaking during the event, Ayuen Guet Roor, the Chairperson of Board of Directors of Goodluck General Trading Company says they have supported orphanage schools with learning materials to help them acheives quality education.

“We do received money from community and later used them to support the orphans like what we are doing now. We have donated soaps, exercise books, chalks and we shall do more in the future” Ayuen added

Head-Master for Blessed Home for Orphans Mr. Peter Ajak have honored Goodluck General Trading Company for supporting the orphanage Schools.

“We have appreciated Goodluck Company for their donation, they have given us exercise books, pens and soaps.

Jonglei State Website have spoken to some pupils from both Blessed Home and Good Shepherd schools, below are their views.

A pupil from Bleassed Home Alier Wal has said that they have been much grateful to Goodluck Company.

“We were having no enough pens but now we have, we were having no enough exercise books but now we have. Our clothes were very dirty and now we shall wash them. May God bless them for their goodwill? Alier has said.

An other pupil Abuoi Deng Abuoi from Good Sherperd Primary School who have benefited from donation said that they need more assistance.

“They gave us pens, exercise books, chalks and soap for washing clothes. We are in need of many more assistance,” he said.

Majok Madol, one community members who attended the ceremony urged Goodluck Trading Company  to to continue with the supports.

“Try your level best to support orphans and street children from these schools. We wish our government to play an upper hand to prevent more children not to be on the street.,” Majok has said.

Goodluck is a betting Company currently operating in Bor Town with it six (6) centers within the town. It has a plan to extend it centers to other parts of Jonglei State.