By Deng Madit Aleer




BOR, 12th FEBRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI—One person was killed and another injured on Thursday by suspected Murle criminals in Poktap when a group of young men fell into an ambush. Hon. Deng Achiek Jok Commissioner of Duk-Payuel County confirmed Monday.

“Security is calm though the criminals are still at the vicinity, on the 7th last week during the day, 3 young men went out for a daily routine and they fall in an ambushed by the criminals, so they fought and one person was killed on the spot and one was wounded” Hon. Deng explained.

In a separate story, Hon. Deng received a 7 year old abducted girl from the governor of Jonglei State. A girl identified as Ayen Chol Ayual was abducted in 2017 and was recovered from Boma State last month reducing the number of missing abducted children from 51 to 50.

Duk-Payuel County has been experiencing rampant killing, abduction and raiding of cattle mainly carried out by suspected Murle criminals.

Since the beginning of 2019, Boma State authorities have so far handed over three abducted children and more than seventy cattle to Jonglei State government.