By Michael Ghai Tong

BOR, 13th Sept, 2018 (Jonglei) – Local authorities from Duk Payuel County have said that the county residents had managed to cultivate their farms this year despites instability in the area.

As the county experience inadequate rain falls, the insecurity has been preventing local farmers according to the County Commissioner.

Duk Payuel Commissioner Deng Achiek Jok told reporters on Wednesday that the residents from the county headquarters have managed farm despite numerous incidences.

Last year, more than 40 people killed and many children abducted from the area. And due to that incidents people fled to neighboring villages.

Deng said that his policy with ground agencies have been encouraging local farmers to farms in groups rather than individually.

Mr. Deng calls upon well-wishers and humanitarian organizations to provide tractors, stores and industrialized farming tools to boost food security.

Finally commissioner said that the harvests had started in Jolong, Malek, Pageny, Waraber and Jar-Weng villages.