By Deng Gai Deng 

Bor, 28th Jun, 2019 – The new governor of Jonglei state Maker Thiong Maal has said unity and reconciliation in the way forward for development of Jonglei state.







Governor Maker who was speaking in Bor during his reception rally said he will work to unites local communities.

“I am not here to divide you; I am here to unite you, to unite your thinking, to unite your ability so that you develop,”Governor Maker Thiong Maal said.

Thiong said that the state government woud share ideas and other resources.

“We need to share resources we have, we share the labor work, share whatever and in order to reconcile. He has said.

He also said that the, “land is a land of peace. It is a land of peace because this where the liberation started” Thiong narrated.

The National Minister of Information Micheal Makuei Lueth urges Jonglei’s residents to cooperate with the new governor Thiong.

“We have brought Maker and tell you that here is your governor, cooperate with him.” Said Michael Makuei told the gethering during the reception of new governor in Bor.

Kuol Manyang the national minister of defense who accompany state Governor urges state residents to farms in their villagages.

“People have if villages because of insecurity but why do you leave your home villages. Stay there and do whatever to protect yourselves. And work not just to sit in towns drinking teas and coffees” Said Kuol

Maker Thiong Maal was appointed recently as the new governor of Jonglei state replacing Philip Aguer Panyang who had served in the position of governorship for three years.

Ex-Jonglei state governor Philip Aguer was appointed by President Kiir Mayardit in December 2015 after creation of more states.