By Michael Ghai Tong Aroffe







BOR, 18TH JUNE, 2019 (JONGLEI)-About 63 chiefs in Duk Padiet County became the beneficiary of a full uniform donated by Rev. Jacob Matiop Mayen on 7th June 2019.
Speaking to the press, Executive Director Manyok Ayiei Thiong who is also acting as a commissioner of Duk Padiet County acknowledged the ability and roles of the community toward developmental projects.

“Our community is able to build hospitals and schools, more especially sons and daughters of Duk Padiet are able to provide clean water for their people and animals. I encourage you to realize this great abilities” Manyok added

Mr. Manyok have welcomed the move taken by Jacob.

Paramount chief Deng Mabur Malual have valued and praised the donor for his great achievement. Deng appreciated the donor for recognizing the roles of traditional chiefs in the society.

“My heartfelt and on behalf of chiefs our appreciations goes to Rev. Jacob Matiop Mayen for the job well done. From now, anyone will respect us simply because of this uniform. We are very different from the entire community. At any mission we shall remain as government official” Paramount chief added

He calls upon the Hol sons and daughters across the globe to work base on their capacities to ensure that the community is moving forward in term of development and service rendering.

Jonglei State Website couldn’t reach Jacob Matiop for the comment