Many South Sudanese have been arrested after six people got killed in Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya on Tuesday following a clash between refugees from Sudan and South Sudan.

Fighting errupted between the two communities of Nuer, an ethnic group in South Sudan and the Nuba tribe of Sudan after a football match on Tuesday.

Stephen Nyang Malaual, the former chairperson of the Nuer community said more than 100 South Sudanese have been arrested by Kenyan police.

Malual said most of the arrested young men are from Nuer ethnic group.

He said that the Kenyan police carried out mass arrests targeting South Sudanese young men.

The Nuba community member, Bibo Andrew John, told Radio Tamazuj that members of Nuer Community have killed young boys and a women.

“Five people including a woman were killed from the Nuba at Kakuma 3 and five others sustained injuries during the fighting. Death toll is expected to rise,” Bibo said.

On Wensday morning the fighting resumed between the two ethnic groups leading to killing of aditional person, raising death toll to six.

Jonglei website has learned that dozens have been injured in the aftermath of heavy fighting from both side in Kakuma Refugees camp.

Kakuma refugees camp was Established in 1991 under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), located at Kenya’s border with South Sudan, is home to approximately 165,000 refugees and asylum seekers of over 18 different nationalities.