By Michael Ghai Tong





BOR, 03 APRIL, 2019 [JONGLEI] – The manager of Mingkaman Internally Displaced (IDPs) Camp, Marol Garang Deng calls for World Food Programme (WFP) and ACTED organizations to restore back food ratio to its normal standard.

Few years, one person normally recieved 15 kilograms of sorghum as a ratio for 30 days But that decision was changes to voucher card.

Now Sultan Karol Garang said IDPs are no longer receiving the same food quantity.

“At the first place they were giving us 15 KGs of Sorghum per person, and later we agreed that 5 KGs will be paid as money,” Marol Garang siad.

Marol said that after few months they had another agreement, “that another 5 KGs to be paid as money. That was our last meeting in 2018, now they have decided to paid all 15 KGs in money voucher card” Marol explained.

Marol said that the decision have been made without consultation from camp leaderships.

Sultan Marol who appreciated effort done by several humanitarian partners in the last five years argued that the introduction of new ratio system have affected many beneficiaries.

Meanwhile Marol explain that on behalf of his fellows IDPs, he has welcome the implementation of Revitalized peace agreement. He said IDPs will return back to their homes if peace is achieved in the country.

Most IDPs from Mingkaman belong to Jonglei state.         

Jonglei State Website (JSW) have tried to contact WFP and ACTED organizations for the comment but weren’t reachable.