By Deng Madit Aleer




BOR, 7th FEBRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI—The results for primary eight examination were announced on Wednesday showing excellent performance in Jonglei State. 1,666 candidates sat of which 1,126 boys and 472 girls passed with only 24 failures.

In a news briefing, the Minister for Education, Gender and Social welfare, Hon. Ayom Mach Jok attributed well performance to the Implementation of Education Policies by schools.

“It is really encouraging that general results for 2018/2019 marked Jonglei State the best in average performance and maintain position one. It is always from the administration of the schools, if they are implementing education policies”. Hon. Ayom described.

Director for Examination, Gabriel Panchol Anyang says it is their interest that Jonglei remains number one. He says the results will reach schools by Thursday and warned against commercialization of results by some schools.

“This is a continuous process and it is our interest to make sure number one remains for Jonglei for life and actually to attain this, it had to start at school. It is a commitment of our teachers, schools administration, candidates of the year and the ministry in the state as well as the state government so this is a collective responsibility” said Panchol

The Head Teacher of Martyrs Academy the school which top the country, John Madit says he was impressed by the general performance of pupils nationwide and are strategizing on how to maintain the performance.

“I am extremely very excited based on the general performance of the pupils countrywide and also the state of Jonglei whereby the pupils who emerged the best come from. I should be very much thankful to the girl who managed to top the whole country. As Martyrs Academy we would love that strategies are built to make sure the performance of the pupils is maintained:” John described.