By Michael Ghai Tong

BOR, 20th Sept, 2018 (Jonglei) –Jonglei became the first state in South Sudan to inaugurate land registry office after Wau, Malakal and Juba office that were existed during British colonization.

Delfino Abas Alex a land registrar of Juba and Bor Towns. He was delegated by South Sudan Chief Justice Chan Reech Madut to inaugurate a new office in Jonglei State.

“I have been working hand in hand with the Ministry of Physical infrastructure to establish this historical office. The office will be responsible for retaining of all the documents of land and issuing of Search Certificate; a certificate that show ownership to an individual who own land in the state” Abas explained.

“Lands in Bor are not registered; only allotment documents were given to the owners by the department of land in the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, registration has not been effective before but this mark the beginning” Abas said.

According to Mr. Abas, your land will only be legalizing once the land registry office has registered it and issue Search Certificate.

Abas said the registration fees are varies starting from the first, second and third classes plot range from 450, 350 and 250 South Sudanese Pounds {SSP} respectively

Mr. Abas added that his office has already start training three staff that will be responsible to manage the affairs of the office.