By Deng Ghai Deng



BOR, 5th FABRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI]–Jonglei State has won over Torit State during a 4th National Unity Day Celebration in Juba on Sunday. Atong Kuol Manyang, the Jonglei State Information Minister has told the reporters that Bor Football Team has made the state proud after securing victory over Torit Football Club by scoring 4-2 goals.

“When Bor FC won the match; it was live on the National TV SSBC and on radios. So it was watched and heard national wide and abroad. So in this sense we are proud of them [Bor FC] as people of Jonglei we say that they have become our good ambassadors because they have made our names shines.” Said Minister Atong.

Minister urged parents and guardians to give their children a chance to engage in sport activities at the early age, it would give them away from immoral activities like drug abuse and criminology.

“We have to develop some of these sports and support them. And especially this has to start from early on; let’s say from the levels of Primary and Secondary should be improved. There are talents within us but if they are not tapped or if they are not put into practice then we may not realize how much potential we have got” Atong narrated.

Atong says the state government will ensure that the sports associations and clubs in the state are supported in term of sporting materials so that they can excel.