By Michael Ghai Tong

BOR, 18th Sept, 2018 (Jonglei) – Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development has launched a new project funded by United Nations Development Program. The project aims to support victim groups in conflict affected communities inside and outside Protection of Civilian {PoC} in Jonglei State.

Juuk Othana Mading is an executive director for JIPDD. He says the project aims to establish support and give information to victims on their rights and channels.

“The project aims to support victim groups in conflict affected communities inside and outside PoC, through existing network of community leaders in PoC and Bor Town, Block leaders, Community Watch Group, Female leaders, Youth Leaders and Camp Management in Jonglei State” Juuk said

Juuk added that the project will last for four months, from September to December 2018

Deng Garang is working as a secretary for Jonglei State peace commission. On behalf of peace commission; he appreciated the move taken by JIPDD.

“My first heartfelt appreciation goes to JIPDD for their strong follow up to reach this level, JIPDD has been our best partner in service delivery to the community. Peace Commission will stand with JIPDD in supporting vulnerable group and conflict affected people in the community” Deng explained.

Hon. Philip Juach who was the guest of honor has appreciated JIPDD for having a project that will support women and children who are mostly affected by the conflict.

Juach added that orphans and widows need special care to be provided.

“What we can do as the war victim, everyone has loss a family member or a closed-relatives. Now what we can do is to forget the past; let us promote unity and peace as to support orphans and widows. This will reward indirectly those who died in this conflict. Through peace we shall have hospitals, schools and good roads but without peace how long will our people stay in Protection of Civilian Sites or Refugees camps?” Juach said.

The project launching was attended by government officials and other civil society organizations