Bor, Jonglei State – Jonglei information minister Atong Kuol Manyang said fishermen and local youth from Jonglei state have been ordered to leaves Jorwai, an island disputed by two neighbouring states.

Information Minister Atong said the matter which involved two neighbouring states into fighting have been left to national government.

On Friday, the government from Jonglei state sent local authorities and South Sudan People’s Defence force to Jorwai to restored calmed.

But, when the local authories reaches Chuet-Akuet and island near Jorwai disputed area, they were told to return by Jonglei government as national government would intervene.

The island of Jorwai has been inherited by fishing community. Ajuong community from Jonglei state and Ador from Eastern Lakes state claim ownership.

Atong Kuol said communication has been poor due to absence of telecommunication services in remote area of Jonglei state.

meanwhile, the state government has managed to communicated with area commissioner in Chuet-Akuet island on Saturday.

Atong said that the youth, fishermen and the army have been order to move away from disputed area.

“The Government has order the county commissioner to return. We have instructed him to informed the fishermen and local youth to leaves from disputed area,” Atong Kuol said.

Several months ago, some reports, indicated that some armed youth have been forcefully collecting taxes from fishermen saying the area belongs to them, hence resulting in fighting.

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