By Deng Ghai Deng Deng [BOR, 12 10 2020 ] A court in the Jonglei state capital Bor sentenced two cattle raiders to death today after it found them guilty of cattle raiding and murder. Jonglei state high court judge who presided over the case says the convicts have 15 days to appeal his decision.
State High Court Judge John Yiel Aleu said he had found 30 year old Kuorwel Majok Mayom and 25 year old Chol Manyiel Jool guilty of murder and robbery.
Yiel Aleu said that the charges of murder and robbery are under sections 206 and 305 of the South Sudan Penal Code Act 2008.
“This incident took place on 15 December 2019 in Aliap area. They four accused were arrested, two have been discharged and two have been charged. The names are Kuorwel Majok Chol Manyiel. The court followed its procedures and today it passed its judgment that accused Kuorwel Majok and Chol Manyiel have been convicted under section 305 and 206 penal code act 2008 and they are sentenced to death.” Yiel said.
Judge Yiel said Kwuorwel and Chol raided 2 cows and beat John Buol Dut, the owner to death while he was taking his cosw from Bor to Awerial County of Lakes state in December last year.
He added that “It is in relation to the cattle because the deceased was attacked in the forest and beaten to death by stick. His two cattle were raided and these cattle were later found with the two accused.
Judge Yiel says the parties have 15 days to appeal the decision.
Complainant Macheal Khor Dut, the brother to the decease welcomes the judge’s decision adding that since his brother was murder with intention the perpetrator should receive capital punishment.
“We welcome the judge’s decision as the relatives. Because this gentleman was killed with intention y because of his cows. He was not a cattleman. He was just a University student who was taking his cows to the cattle camp”, Khor said.
Malueth Nyok, an uncle to the convicts Kwuorwel and Chol said the ruling is not fair saying there was no enough evidence that showed the two gentlemen were responsible for the murder of John Buol Dut.
There have been many cases of cattle raiding and child abduction involving death in Jonglei state for years but very few of them were brought to the courts of law.
David Garang is with the Jonglei Civil Society said that the court ruling over those perpetrators is correct.