By Michael Ghai Tong

BOR, 30th August, 2018 [JONGLEI] – Hon. Minister Yien Oral Lam along with many other officials from different institutions has attended the inauguration of a new library in Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology {Dr. JG-MUST} in Bor.

Hon. Minister of Higher Education Yien Oral Lam Tut told the gatherings on Wednesday that he came to visit Dr. John Garang University and also to open a library that was built by UNHCR. He added that the library is well equipped and still there is more work to be done in terms of books, computers and the most needed facilities.

Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang University Prof. Julia Akeer Duany appreciated UNHCR for the job well done.

“My appreciations goes to UNHCR for taking this initiative to come and support us to open this library, my really heartfelt gratitude to UNHCR for this big support because the knowledge that is going to be coming out from this library is really the future of South Sudan” Julia explained.

Akeer added that the coming of the minister is the starting point of university journey to see that things improve, especially infrastructures. The university is lacking offices for the lecturers, offices for other staff and some rooms for the accommodation of newly incoming students.

UNHCR Country Representative Mr. Johann Siffointe described the initiative as the great achievement to John Garang University and he also appreciated the donors who have been providing support to UNHCR to be able to work closely with the local and national authorities.

“Education is extremely very important and this long lasting building for many years will help to increase education; education is the key for peace” Johann added.

He further added that the building of the library is one of many projects that UNHCR is investing to ensure that the displaced people and host-community are living together in harmony.

The library was built by UNHCR with support from Canada, European Union, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and United States of America. According to the official information seen by the reporters from UNHCR, the library construction cost over $ 120,000 US dollars.