BOR, JONGLEI – An official from the veterinary clinic in Bor said cases of Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) have been detected in the area around Freedom square in Bor town.

Hemorrhagic septicemia is a severe bacterial disease caused by certain strains of Pasteurella multicoda. It primarily affects cattle and water buffalo, but infrequently affects goats, sheep and pigs.

Although South Sudan has more cattle than human being, many livestock died of animals diseases in large numbers.

Daniel Deng Alier the senior inspector at veterinary clinic in Bor said that nine cattle have died of suspected disease due to the signs identified to be for hemorrhagic Septicemia disease.

Deng said that this disease is contagious and can spread quickly among the cattle.

He urges the residents in Jonglei state to takes cattle for vaccination.

Mathiang Aluong Mathiang is the chief of Freedom Square subverb.

“This disease is very dangerous and I urge all residents to take their cattle for vaccination points as soon as possible,” He said.

Mathiang appeals to veterinary department in the state to carry out an assessment in order for them to identify other diseases.

According to 2019 UN reports human statistics have been reported at 11 millions and livestock population with 31 millions cattle. Making South Sudan a world leading nation.