By Jacob Achiek Jok & Michael Gai Tong

Bor, 16th August, 2018 [Jonglei] – The governor of Jonglei state Philip Aguer Panyang has promised to install internet connection within the ministry of Information and Communication for maintenance of new Website.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Information launched an official site in an effort to publish its news items independently.

The site has been developed to provide reliable, comprehensive, accurate information about Jonglei state policies, economic, cultures and governance.The launching was carryout by ministry of information in conjunction with Park Palace Hotel, a well-known hotel in Jonglei state.  Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer Panyang, told gathering during the weekend that his government would work hard to support website maintenance.

“We will connect with some of our stakeholders and supporters so that some of our offices mainly the ministry of information may have an internet so that the website is manage,” Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang said that the general public would have free access to website. Kuol said that the site will disseminate effective, accurate and timely information to South Sudanese nationals within and in the diaspora.

“The reality is that the world is becoming more digitalized and increasingly interconnected. Therefore the website will be a significant tool to disseminate information regarding Jonglei state policies, cultures and traditions,” Atong Kuol said. She said that the web would build good relationship among neighboring communities. Kuol said website will also improve business activities and agriculture sectors in the state.

Governor Aguer Panyang appreciated ministry of Information and Park Palace management for jobs.This is an official website of Ministry of Information and Communication in Jonglei state, designed, developed and hosted by Park Palace Hotel in Bor town.

Park Palace will host website for one year. The hotel belongs to Simon Akuei Deng, Secretary-General for South Sudan Chamber of Commerce.

The launching was attended by state’s government officials and representatives from the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).