Four nationals allegedly to have involved in the selling of National Examinations had been arrested by security service.

On Monday, National Examination of Secondary Educations kick-off in South Sudan states including Abyei administrative area exceptions of Latjor and Maiwut states.

For the last one month, social medias circulated rumours regarding the leaking of Examination papers. Those allegations were denied by national ministry of General Education.

But yesterday the national minister of General Education Deng Deng Hoch said some people have been arrested for selling fake exams.

Ministers Deng told reporters that none of the national examination had been leaked.

“I have recieve a lot of coppies of these examinations and we compared them to the genuine exam that we have and they turn out to be fake exam,” Deng Deng Hoch said.

Hoch confirmed that the fake exam papers were sold at 10,000 (ten thousand) South Sudanese pounds.

He said that there are people arrested and are being investigated by security service. But he did not detailed the number of culprits arrested.

Deng told candidates at Chanese Friendship Secondary school in Juba on Monday to rely on themselves as national exams are not easy to be passesed.

In Jonglei state, the Minister of Education Abel Manyok Ajak said said about 1,252 students have set for national examination in Jonglei state. 1,032 are boys and 220 are girls.

Abel Manyok said that the state government is wishing senoir four candidates a good success.

“We wish that this group who are sitting for the national examinations this year will also produce for us good results. We have fifteen centers in the state of which one is in juba, another one in Kongor county and thirteen are within Bor town,” Abel said.

He encouraged the students to maintain the spirit of leading in the nation and do their best to make Jonglei visible nationwide.