BOR, Jonglei State – Local authorities from Arek suburb of Bor Municipality have said thirty eight households have been affected by floods.

On Thursday, area chief Arou Mayola Ayuen said children and elderly people seeking refuge at the Arek church.

Mayola said most residents have been displaced with their livestock due to overflow of water from the river Nile.

He appeals to the government and humanitarian agencies especially the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) to assist displaced persons.

“The residents have suffered a lot, there is no dry land where the livestock can even stay in. We are worried about our children for getting drawn, please listen to us especially the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission even if by giving us, so that we can make some temporary shelters,” Chief Mayola explained.

He urges residents to dig water channels such that water can flow through to Nile river.

Other resident Mabior Akuok Deng said efforts to block water ways were not successful.

“We tried our best to block water but water become too much to an extend of reaching people’s chest and that is why we requested an excavator, Mabior said.

The cordinator of Relief and Rehabilitation commission in Bor counties, Mawut Ajak, said partners wouldn’t respond untill assessment to determine the level of flood is carryout.

Issue of flooding in Greater Jonglei are yet address by UN-OCHA . But he said that the government is pushing agencies to respond flood victims soon.

Mayoral said three months ago, three former payams of Makuach, Baidit and Jalle of Bor county were severely affected by floods.