By Reporter Dot Diocese

   Boldit for general trading company limited   was established in a year’s 2009 before crisis in south Sudan, Boldit is register trading company that operate in apartment, rental, and general accommodation or lodging. it is located in Naivasha area opposite laudiar road.

It was yesterday midnight when fire burned four room with in boldit hotel by  suspected client who was sleeping in room number 26 according to inclusive interview managing director Mach Joh Akuany who is at the same time land lord he told Jonglei website that the fire which burned hotel should either be bongos   or wax light  because this young man came at around 1:00pm together with a girlfriend  then manager refused  to open agate, later on manager told him to late the girl go and should come in to sleep.

On other hand manager of Boldit said that the incident took place at midnight around 2:00pm, meanwhile all the customers were sleeping. He said gentleman came with a girl asking me drink and I refused to open the gate for them, and on conciliation I open the gate, and man came along with candle to light in his room, therefore I told him it’s not allow to light candle in room, in half of one hour smoke stated in his room in which I was called by my accountant to serve him out of smoke before flame came up.

Manager also added saying this boy is a drunker, and alcohol cause him burned a room.

Therefore ministry of information extend interview to some other customers who were sleeping in hotel

In inclusive interview Dau Deng is an accountant of Boldit Bar and accommodation said to be the first person to smell the smoke coming out from Aluong Aguto Pach , room number 26 according to Deng ,so he run out immediately to informed the manger about smoke in the room and the gay was deeply sleeping not knowing, Dau said on the process of help him the man locked the room inside and we were trying to open the door until it was open, and when he came out some part in his body were burned therefore he escape until morning .

Furthermore any other person called Majur Bul Duot mentioned fire to begin in room number 26 which is opposite to his room, Bul said he   failed to managed serve his property like cloths because fire caught rope iron sheet making it hard to served cloths because I almost get burned.

On other hand the suspected person happen to be Aluong Aguto Pach who was sleeping in room 26 in interview Aluong deny the claim raised against him, he also said that to be a suspect is total sloppy statement from the manager because someone may had burned my  room .how  can minded person burn his own house .it’s wonders .

The hotel manager took suspected people to police station for more investigation.

Chief investigator of model police in maror who a happen to Aguen conducted the investigation with the suspected persons and took them to hold on until the court finalized who should be the victim.

Aguen also added that it’s not a work of police to hold the suspected accountant for what he or she has done. But court can clearly give right on the matter.

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