By Dot MichaelPanchol Million thanks to President Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of South Sudan Nation that crossed the fragile and devastating phases to the time we are in Now; 2005- 2011 was fragile phase being fickle by endless militias lure and pump by Khartoum to interrupt the CPA. H.E. Kiir Mayardit defused that intention by opening SPLA files and ranks entering the continued militias till we reached the rebranding process that brought this Nation. The attempted coups 2013 and 2016 were difficult but President Kiir defeated the black hearts with his white heart full of forgiveness.

Appreciations to the three former Governors, that each at his time managed the most hostile tribes of Jonglei State; Governor Philip Thon Leek explicit speech to crowd of the State that gathered in Anyidi Payam on June the 9/2006 celebrating first CPA day. Mr Leek heart felt words were appreciated and on behalf of Bor people, Anyidi Payam Head Chief Malak Ayuen Mayen spoke and I quote; we are much excited in receiving you the first governor of Jonglei State the Headquarters Bor. You are highly welcome, cousin of Deng Malual Jogaak, the first Paramount Chief of Bor District. Hon. Governor Rule your State as your uncle did in ruling the District 1928- 1946.

Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk elaborated to Jonglei State people in Bor Town rally on 1st January 2008, Quotation; I need you to unite one people of Jonglei State in recognition to tribes you came from, that should not divide you. My administration will rotate the Ministry of Local Government and Law enforcement some times in here, other times in Pibor and another time in Akobo. In reality the Governor spent that time little resources of the State in keeping peace especially amongst his cabinet members.

Governor John Kong Nyuon with his steadfastness he endured and managed the difficult and delicate time forced by 2013 crisis till Jonglei State divided to four States. Boma State Governor David Yauyau bold stand towards peace is appreciated. Governor Aguer Panyang the outgoing and Governor Maker Thiong the incoming only remain to cooperate with Governor Yayau Jongkuc Kudumoc Weleyo to tackle the in-between marauders. The present Jonglei State is just the Bor District thereafter Deng rule by second Paramount Chief Ajang Duot 1947-1967, despite no Third Paramount Chief after Ajang vivid peaceful coexistence is prevalence. The simple misunderstanding amongst some section families are simple to solve unless if Authority administration is bond by elusive whims.

On other hand, Hon: Philip reach ministry of information journalist in inclusive interview. He told in his conclusion that people should have peace and cooperation among Jonglei state and our neighbouring states he said. Philip also further added Yauyau to be peace maker, which mean peaceful coexistence is vital to yield he added.

 By Reporter Dot Panchol Dot          

Ministry of information Jonglei State (Bor)