By Deng Madit Aleer





BOR, 05 FEBRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI],The commissioner of Duk-Pagak, Hon. James Yien Jal says his county received 3 months medicine consignment last week from Magna International.

In another development, VS Germany, an international aid organization vaccinated more than 40,000 cattle in Duk-Pagak areas, and also two boreholes were drilled by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in response to poor drinking water.

“We had 8 months without medicines, by then we asked the government and other partners. Magna International (NGO from Germany) responded by sending consignments for 3 months and before Jonglei State ministry of Health also sent one month consignment” Yien Explained

Yien added that another one month consignment is also on the way. He said that there was water shortages but CRS and NRC had responded by drilling 2 boreholes. VS Germany an NGO which vaccinate livestock had vaccinated 40,000 herds of cattle in Duk Pagak County. 

Recently Duk-Pagak suffered from shortages of basic medicines, clean water facilities and death of livestock.