South Sudan National Examinations Begin in Jonglei State

Bor, Jonglei state – The Examination for Secondary Educations has kick off in Jonglei state. Other states of South Sudan including Abyei administrative area are sitting for the same exams today. The examination is a national examination recognized by the National Ministry General Education and Higher Learning in South Sudan. The Minister of Information and […]

Jonglei Governor Urges Parties to Compromise as datelines approach

Bor, Jonglei State – The Governor of Jonglei State Maker Thiong Maal has called on parties to the conflict to put aside their differences on the number of states, and work to meet the deadlock of peace process. Governor Thiong was Speaking to reporters in Bor on Monday after recieving French diplomats, he said public […]

Jonglei Government Order Fishermen and Local Youth to Leave Disputed Area

Bor, Jonglei State – Jonglei information minister Atong Kuol Manyang said fishermen and local youth from Jonglei state have been ordered to leaves Jorwai, an island disputed by two neighbouring states. Information Minister Atong said the matter which involved two neighbouring states into fighting have been left to national government. On Friday, the government from […]

At Least 500 Radios have been Distributed by Radio Jonglei in Bor

Radio Jonglei 95.9 FM in partnership with UNMISS Human Rights Division in Jonglei have distributed 500 radio sets to community members as a mean of promoting human right education. During one day workshop conducted on Thursday at Garden Resort, the use of FM radio sets have been demonstrated as tool of effective communication and exchange […]

The body of Late Charles Manyang Awuol Laid to Rest in his Home Town of Bor

The heart-breaking and tragic death of the right Hon speaker of Jonglei state legislative assembly Charles Manyang Awoul occurred on 9th November in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Manyang died last in Nairobi, Kenyan. age 77. He was appointed as speaker of Jonglei legislative assembly following the creation of new states in the republic of South […]

Wildlife Authority Ban Random killing of Wild-animals

  The Directorate of Wildlife, conservation and tourism in Jonglei state has said that the climate change in the country had affected many species of wild animals. Speaking during a press conference in Bor at the state secretariat on Tuesday, Major General Zachariah Atem Manyok said climate change force threats to wildlife. Atem Manyok said […]

Bor Hospital Run-shortage of Drugs

Doctors at Jonglei state hospital said health facility has ran out of lifesaving drugs due to the large influx of patients to Bor main hospital. The medical Director at Bor State Hospital Bol Chau said cases of Malaria, Typhoid, pneumonia and Dysentery are on the rise due to the result of the flooding in the […]