Hemorrhagic Septicemia Cases Reported in Bor town

BOR, JONGLEI – An official from the veterinary clinic in Bor said cases of Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS) have been detected in the area around Freedom square in Bor town. Hemorrhagic septicemia is a severe bacterial disease caused by certain strains of Pasteurella multicoda. It primarily affects cattle and water buffalo, but infrequently affects goats, sheep and pigs. Although […]

Seven People Killed in Paliau Cattle raids

Authorities from Jonglei state said seven people have been killed in Paliau cattle raiding. On Sunday, bandit from Murle ethnic group from Boma state attacked cattle keepers who were heading their livestock for grazing in a cattle camp near Paliau village in Jonglei state. Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang said seven people have been killed […]

Floods displace more than thirty households in Arek suburb

BOR, Jonglei State – Local authorities from Arek suburb of Bor Municipality have said thirty eight households have been affected by floods. On Thursday, area chief Arou Mayola Ayuen said children and elderly people seeking refuge at the Arek church. Mayola said most residents have been displaced with their livestock due to overflow of water […]