By Deng Madit Aleer

BOR, 05 FEBRUARY, 2019 [JONGLEI] –, Bor Town Municipality introduces a yellow vests to all drivers and Boda-Boda riders on Monday. The Mayor Mr. Ghai Makhor says it is a new regulation that all commercial drivers and riders should have vests for easy identification.

“Boda-Boda Asoociation should have uniforms for those on duty. We contracted a company to provide all uniforms under Traffic for all drivers and Boda-Bodas riders operating within the territory. But launching is starting maybe after 5 days. The reason for the vest is for easy identification” Makhor described.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Boda-boda Association, Mr. Maguang Makuei says they were not notified about the proposal and reject the price. He also says, they received a donation of 200 light vests and helmets from UNMISS.