By Michael Ghai Tong Aroffe





BOR, 4th JUNE, 2019 [JONGLEI] –A member of people with disabilities particularly blind people calls upon the state government especially the state ministry of education to established new schools for people with disabilities.

John Reech, who drop out from class four blames the government for not respecting their rights for education.

“Why is it very late for the government to fulfil their promises, we are part of the society and therefore we deserve the right for education just like any other citizen in this country” John narrated

Reech call upon the government and other development partners to help his fellows’ blind people who are willing to attend classes.

According to him, he says there are more than 30 young energetic gentlemen and ladies who are ready to learn in Jonglei state.

In his part, Ayom Mach Jok the minister for Education acknowledged the challenges faced by people with disabilities in the state due to lack of their separate schools. However he says no budget being allocated for their educational need from the national government

“We don’t have a budget from the national ministry to support people with disabilities in term of education. We are waiting for the response from the national level. If it happens we shall provide services to them as the state government” Minister said

He says people with disabilities have different teachers; and people with visible affairs are being taught by their own teachers who are trained

Ayom explains that the matter was reported to the national ministry during the general educational annual review but still no response until now.