The Directorate of Wildlife, conservation and tourism in Jonglei state has said that the climate change in the country had affected many species of wild animals.

Speaking during a press conference in Bor at the state secretariat on Tuesday, Major General Zachariah Atem Manyok said climate change force threats to wildlife.

Atem Manyok said flooding submerged areas where wild animals lives, and he said that the floods have put them in a dangerous situations.

He said many species have migrated to high ground near the river Nile. But he said the floods have encouraged poachers to killing of wild animals anyhow.

He warned not to killed animals. “Should we get any poacher with a piece of bush meat, our laws are there, severe laws against them and we are intensifying these laws at this critical time by now and this is why our trained wildlife rangers are in their places despite that the water has submerged all the facilities of the animals and the wildlife personals,” Atem Manyok warned.

Atem adds that these animals need to be taken care of properly.

Other wildlife officer, Bior Yuang Bior urges everyone to avoid random killing of wild animals.

“What I would like to tell everyone is that, let us cooperate all of us and avoid this random killing of the wild animals especially the people of Jonglei state because there are a lot of challenges,” Bior Huang said.

Bior added that keeping of wild animals at home without mandate from authority concern is illegal.

Major General, Atem Manyok have appeal to organisations such as SAID, UNEP, Lion Crises Funds and Elephant Crises Funds to apply a protectiom machnisim of wildlife.

Atem has also encauraged NGOs to consider treatment of wild species which are suffering from waterborne diseases.