Radio Jonglei 95.9 FM in partnership with UNMISS Human Rights Division in Jonglei have distributed 500 radio sets to community members as a mean of promoting human right education.

During one day workshop conducted on Thursday at Garden Resort, the use of FM radio sets have been demonstrated as tool of effective communication and exchange of knowledge.

The theme of the workshop was, ‘to promote human rights education and knowledge through the use of radio technologies in order to create maximum awareness.’

Atong Kuol Manyang, is the minister of information and communication in Jonglei state.

She said that the state government has been encouraging the use of radio because it benefit the community. She said people who do not have access to newspapers, TVs, and internet as well get news through the radio services.

”Radio is the best way to reach our people and this is very important for our co existing as a community so that we all share ideas and we also learn what is happening out there,” minister Among Kuol said.

She said people come together through medium such as radios.
“We all come together in where ever areas we are in, areas that are not accessible and areas which the government cannot reach and they and they are able get our messages. We hope in future that more of these radios will even reach other further areas,” Atong added.

Most beneficiaries appriciated Radio Jonglei and UNMISS Human Right division who provided them with communication equipment.