Bor, Jonglei State – Local authorities in Bor town said fifteen boats carrying passengers and consumable goods have stranded in Bor dockside due to reports of insecurity in Chuet Akuet island.

The boats which transported passengers and goods from Juba are heading to Fangak and Bentiu states.

The secretary General of Boats Union in Jonglei state Elijah Thongbor Abraham said many boats arrived from Juba with an intention to proceed but ends up in Bor.

He said 200 passengers who travelling from Juba with intension to reach Fangaak and Bentiu can’t move ahead because of insecurity.

‘‘Most of the people who have stranded here are coming from Juba going to Unity state. they have suffered here because they have no rooms to sleep, and other shelters too,” Elijah Thokbor has said.

He urges state and the national government to intervene and find a solution to make passengers reach their respective destinations.

Thokbor said boat union is not comfortable with how passengers suffered in Bor.

“The union is not comfortable with the way passengers suffer and that is why we are requesting the government to help them,” Elijah said.

Passengers at the river side, said most of them have spent nine days in Bor and situation has been continue worsening.

“There is no passage as per now, we are very tired here, it is very cold sometimes, there is rain, mosquitoes are everywhere and hunger has really affected us,” they told Jonglei website in Bor.

A passenger who said his name as Galuak said sometimes Bor’s traders help passengers with food items as the live continues.

“We ask our leaders to find a solution for this incident so that we can travel safely. It is not good for us to suffer while you are watching. Since we have arrived here we are just living outside,” Galuak added.