By Michael Ghai Tong Aroffe

BOR, 30th May, 2019 [JONGLEI]-In the morning early on Friday last week, a pickup land cruiser travelling from Juba to Bor fall in an ambush around Pan Patia in Gemeza County of neighboring Terekeka State.

One person was confirmed dead, and two children were abducted according to the official information from the government. Atong Kuol Manyang is the minister of Information and Communication in Jonglei State government.

“There was an incident happened on Friday around Gemeza of Terekeka State, the vehicle was coming toward Jonglei State and was going to Bieh State. Unfortunately that vehicle was attacked by Murle criminal. They had abducted two children and killed one person” Atong narrated

Atong described the incident as unacceptable and added that both Boma and Jonglei states government have condemned the incident.

She explains the security situation as calm and road accessibility is normal after the ambush.

Atong brief the press that the two states authorities are working hand in hand to restore peace and stability between the communities of Jonglei and Boma States.

Meanwhile in Duk Panyang County, a woman was killed on Thursday in place call Patuet during a cultural practice that turned into violent between two communities of Chie-Manyang of Bieh State and Pan-Gol of Jonglei. A gentleman placed A.K47 under his leg and he immediately start firing as he move after his ox, unfortunately he shot a woman to death from nearby distance.

Atong says five more people were injured during the fighting and were flown to Juba for medical assistant.

The minister said the situation is under control and more updates will be communicated through the local authorities from the ground.