Juba, South Sudan – Akobo State Governor Timothy Taban Juch, said Organization’s workers turned to sells relief food to local community.

Taban who arrived Juba to briefed national government about the General situation of his state said whole community have been affected by hunger.

Governor Taban who accused humaniterian workers of selling food said.

“The worker under the based Organizatons are selling the humaniterians food out to the local people,” Timothy Taban Juch told SSBC radio on Thursday.

He said that Akobo state has been affected by flood leading to failure of crops harvests in state.

Taban Juch siad extension of peace implementation for 100 days is not interest of his community because he said communities are suffering from hunger.

He is calling on humaniterian agencies and national governmnent to provide relief assistant to the affected people of Akobo state.

Mr. Juch also suggested that the aditional states will be added to 32 states, as an initiative to have South Sudan government retain Akobo state in it’s position.

Akobo was part of Jonglei state but in 2015, South Sudan President Salva Kiir created 28 State in a presidential decree where Akobo become part of Bieh state. And later divided Bieh into two states, making Akobo an independance state.