By Deng Madit Aleer






BOR, 12TH  JUNE, 2019 (JONGLEI) -At least 145 believers who enrolled for Portable Bible School (PBS) program at Malual-Chaat Chaplain have completed their two months training on Friday 7th June.  The training which focuses mainly on doctrine, bible survey, community health, life skills development among others according to Pastor Lathlath Peter, Field Coordinator with Favour Africa Ministries International.

Mr. Lathlath lauded the graduates and the military leadership for their cooperation.

“I thank those who choose these importance knowledge of God and the Military Leadership, it is really a miracle in our history that the army got God’s message” he said

On his part, the Commander of 10th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Maj. Gen Malual Majok Chiengkuac appreciates Favour Africa Ministries International for picking Malual-Chaat Chaplain for this importance training.

“My appreciations to those who came from Juba to teach us here, I thank you for selecting Malual-Chaat and we will continue availing you much needed support we can and please continue reaching other areas in Jonglei” he stressed.

“We got God’s word and we thanks those who came all the way from Juba to give us this importance knowledge” expressed 2nd Lt. William Wadar, a graduant.

Another graduant, 1st Lt. Isaiah Malei Bol called on every one irrespective of tribe to join them in sharing God’s word.