Jonglei state has many ongoing peace initiative and programs with a aim of reconciliation, promoting peace, cohesion, peaceful co-existence among the communities and bring communities together to air their views on how to tackle recurring violent conflicts across the greater Jonglei region and neighboring states.

The peace programs and initiatives currently on ongoing involve peace conferences bringing communities representatives, business communities, clergy and government representatives.  Inter-community games such as traditional wrestling to bring the youths together for peace.


Jonglei state is committed in Provision of quality Healthcare services to communities in Jonglei State by building and equipping Primary Healthcare Units/Centres and Hospitals with drugs, equipment and skilled medical staff.

Bor Civil Hospital is the largest hospital in the State. It is run by the Jonglei State Government. There are several other Primary health Care Centres (PHCC) , Primary health Care Units (PHCU) and clinics in the capital Bor and in the other counties which supplement the health care services provided by Bor Civil Hospital across Jonglei state.

Below is the list of Primary  Health Care Centres in the State:

Pariak PHCC, Kolyang PHCC, Anyidi PHCC, Makuach PHCC, Werkok PHCC, Baidit PHCC, Jale PHCC, Panyang PHCC, Duk PHCC,  Paliau PHCC, Wangkulei PHCC,  Maar PHCC, Wernyol PHCC

Below is the list of Health Units in the State:

Paanwel PHCU,  Chueiker PHCU, Malek PHCU, Malualchat PHCU, Jarweng PHCU, Panaapet  PHCU,  Lualdit PHCU, Malou PHCU,  Makolchuei PHCU,  Mathiang PHCU,  Akuaideng PHCU, Kolmarek PHCU, Patiop PHCU, Dong PHCU, Mareng PHCU, Kongor PHCU

Non-governmental organisations supplement provision of healthcare in the state as below:

  1. MSF is supporting Bor Civil Hospital in provision of medical supplies, pediatric healthcare and waste management.
  2. SMC is supporting Bor and Duk counties through provision of medical supplies and equipment, staff salaries, training, renovation and construction of latrines.
  3. UNICEF supports during disease outbreaks like the Cholera outbreak. It is also running a HIV/AIDS programme in Bor Civil Hospital as well as supporting the Malaria Control Department by providing non-food items such as mosquito nets.
  4. THESO is supporting Bor County particularly in Baidit PHCC where it provides medical supplies and equipment. It also pays health workers’ salaries.
  5. The World Health Organization is supporting health activities in Bor Civil Hospital through the Immunization Programme, including the children polio vaccination in collaboration with UNICEF.
  6. Oxfam is providing water in Bor Civil Hospital and supporting the construction of boreholes.
  7. WFP is supporting nutrition activities in Bor Civil Hospital


Jonglei State through the ministry of Ministry of Education, Gender & Social Welfare has channel it efforts to ensure access to affordable, quality and relevant education to all irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity.

Dr John Garang University, located in Pakuou area near the airport along Juba road is the biggest university in Jonglei state. There are other institutions such as; Makuac Teachers Training Institute, Pamot Vocational Training School and Jonglei Vocational Christian Centre. Ministry has also embarked on other alternative education systems such as:

  1. The Accelerating Learning Program(ALP)
  2. Pastoralist Education
  3. Radio Instruction
  4. Community Girls School
  5. Adult Education


Jonglei state government through ministry of Agriculture and livestock has start many initiatives to revolutionize farming sector which is the main economic and livelihood earner to the communities across Jonglei state. The initiative is aimed to unlock and change the mindset of the farming community to exert more efforts in investing on the diversified agricultural potential, creating more jobs opportunities, wealth, improve their livelihoods and enhancing food security of the state.

Through these programs and initiatives Jonglei state government in partnership with other plays we are giving seeds to farmers, training on agri-business, subsidizing on farming implement, pest and disease control mechanisms, livestock disease control, vaccination and enhancing on infrastructure and security to guarantee better market for farm products. We are also equipping plays in the fisheries industry with more fishing skills, preservation methods and subsidizing on the fishing process to ensure the fishes reach market at affordable prices and better profits margins.