Ministry of Information and Communication




To developed a technologically competent and well-informed public in which citizens will have full access to all forms of media, and where people fully and actively participate in democratic governance, decision making and national development.


  1. This Ministry Serves as spoke agent of Jonglei State Government on affairs and issues pertaining Government policies;
  2. Reporting daily news and information through radio, Television, internet, newspapers, magazines and other electronic media ; and
  3. To inform people of Jonglei state about current developmental projects and Government policies.


Besides the Director General’s office, there are four directorates

  1. Directorate for Administration and Finance
  2. Directorate for Communication
  3. Directorate for Information
  4. Directorate for Radio and TV

Each directorate is administered by a director, deputized by Director with overall mandate to achieve the Ministry’s goals and objectives.

  • To develop a technologically competent and well informed public in which citizens will have full access to all forms of media, and where people fully and actively participate in democratic governance, decision making and national development
  • To provide policy and legal framework that will sustain peace and harmony among all the citizens of Jonglei


  • To inform, educate, entertainment and disseminate information though radio, print media and telecommunication network
  • To disseminate government policies, e,g peace-building, reconciliation, disarmament, population census and general elections programs
  • To promote ICT knowledge and skills to ensure that public get access information
  • To provide general enlightenment for public awareness
  • To provide communication network up to lower level so that people should engage in sustainable development rather than in criminal activities
  • To orient all media houses in the state to provide accurate information
  • To establish systems for the physical and electronic collection and record keeping of publicly release state documents and to facilitate public access to this information
  • To establish outreach and information dissemination activities to internal (various government stakeholders) and external audiences (librarian, universities, international Organizations, Local Media Outlets, NGOs, CBO’s and other potential stakeholder group)using key events and media.


The  ministry functions as the mouthpiece of the government having the mandate to disseminate government press releases, press statements and organization of public education campaigns. The ministry has also to organize public events that engage the people of Jonglei States in dialogue with their government and offer independent media outlets with opportunities to cover government policies.

Despite the challenges, the Ministry is mandated to carry out the following duties.

  • Development of media policies and regulatory framework for the ministry
  • Development of Public education and awareness
  • Construction of state owned radio and tv
  • Human resource development and recruitment of well-trained technocrats
  • To improve general administrative process and management, formulation and communication policy, and where appropriate, execute that policy in Jonglei State
  • Coordinate the RSS communications and public information activities
  • Plan and implement activities to disseminate public information regarding jonglei State Public Information centre and maintenance of JS public website
  • Build capacities within Jonglei State ministries to disseminate essential information about government activities
  • Guarantee freedom of media and free access to government information
  • Encourage the independent establishment of an independent entity, the Jonglei Public Radio and Jonglei public Television Service
  • Promote public service broadcasting at the counties level
  • Encourage the development of independent, non-governmental, community radio stations –that broadcast in local languages-to benefit under served audiences in the counties.