Agriculture is the major livelihood earner and economic activities for Jonglei state ranging from crops cultivation to livestock rearing. Different crops are grown in the area for domestic and commercial purposes. They include: Sorghum, groundnut and maize.
Jonglei state through ministry of agriculture and forestry is embarking on creating a prosperous, growing, innovative, and demand driven rural economy that generates new jobs by adopting appropriate technologies among Jonglei farmers and agro-forestry that supports ecological agro-forestry managements to to yield more crops, forest products, and food security with environmentally sustainable growth.


Jonglei State through the ministry of Ministry of Education, Gender & Social Welfare has channel it efforts to ensure access to affordable, quality and relevant education to all irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity.

Dr John Garang University, located in Pakuou area near the airport along Juba road is the biggest university in Jonglei state. There are other institutions such as; Makuac Teachers Training Institute, Pamot Vocational Training School and Jonglei Vocational Christian Centre. Ministry has also embarked on other alternative education systems such as:

  1. The Accelerating Learning Program(ALP)
  2. Pastoralist Education
  3. Radio Instruction
  4. Community Girls School
  5. Adult Education


The main goal is to achieve high Livestock and Fisheries Economic growth in Jonglei State through appropriate Institutional Building, Capacity building, improved livestock and Fisheries policy direction, sustainable management ,promotion and integration of livestock, fisheries and crop Market Chain Actors into domestic and regional markets.

Sports and Culture

Swamp and Rivers


Wildlife & Tourism

Jonglei is the home to many animals including, Antelopes, Giraffes, various bird species in the semi-arid desert lying between Bor, Pibor, Pochalla in Jonglei state and more than 5000 elephants living in swampy areas of Jonglei bordering Yirol County in the west and Nimule. Boma, Payomko and, Bandigilo are some of the parks within and around the state with Boma being the largest.
In collaboration with WCS, Jonglei has made another major step toward establishing a functioning network of national parks and reserves across Jonglei state, providing protection for the wildlife and wildlife migrations, and providing a platform for creating partnerships to improve security with a view to diversify economy with tourism as a source income to the government and local communities.

Fishing is the one of the major facets in facilitation and enhancing of wealth creation, food security and economy growth in Jonglei state. The fishing activities is done using the traditional spears, baiting, and wooden canoe nets and modern motor boats.